Info sheet for the naming vote on for the new platform

(this infosheet was collectively written as an open google doc which can also be viewed here:
Link to the document draft
last edit: 25.01.202
publish: 06.01.2022

We are looking for a name for a new “hicetnunc”

We are choosing a new name for the instances of the platform formerly known as “hicetnunc" that are run by participants of the “hen_community” discord server in order to move forward with development and building of a DAO structure to make this platform truly community owned.

These existing hicetnunc instances will still be reachable through their domains (i.e. “”) for the time being, as well as their new domains once the new name is decided.

Find some branding info for all the name options in this PDF by our branding working group

how to vote

If you sync your wallet to our voting tool, you can vote for your favourite name from a shortlist of 10 names (link to the vote below).

Note that only hicetnunc wallets created and active on hen before 16/01/2022 that are not banned on hicetnunc are counted in the final result in order to prevent a dilution of the vote due to the creation of new accounts to gain voting power. You can change your vote while the voting round is ongoing by voting again (you will still only have 1 vote). you can review the list of wallets whose votes will be counted for the final results here

There will be 2 on-chain voting rounds: The first round will be on a shortlist of 10 name options, the second (run-off) round will start after the first round and include the top 2 voted on names from round 1. Results will be visible AFTER the voting rounds are completed.

Note that the number indicated on the voting page (“votes submitted”) is lagging behind and not representing the current amount of votes submitted correctly. blockchain data counts.

Voting round 1
will run from 2022-01-18 00:00 UTC until 2022-01-25 00:00 UTC
Click here to access the voting page

Voting round 2 (run off)
will run from 2022-01-26 00:00 UTC until 2022-01-30 00:00 UTC

Briefly, how we got here:

The founder of hicetnunc, crzypatchwork, announced the end of his experiment/platform on 11/11/2021. The original domain ( has been unreachable for 75 days. The name has not been made available. The hen community has organized itself to begin a new chapter in the history of the hicetnunc community. We aim to continue the spirit of hicetnunc on the tezos blockchain for those that rely on its accessibility and to step further into decentralization of the platform.

One fundamental point to proceed with this new platform is to choose a new name. This will enable things like funding development and applying for grants, and will allow the community to move forward together under one shared name, while avoiding confusion and legal liability.

The naming process started with an open suggestion form on the “hen_community” (HENC) discord. These suggestions were then filtered and voted on. This list was then discussed in discord and evaluated with the help of an international lawyer and a team of branding professionals. The evaluation was to prevent conflicts with existing trademarks, NFT sites, and crypto services. The evaluation resulted in a filtered/transformed list of 30 names, which were narrowed down to 10 options (the maximum number of options on henvote).

We aknowledge that this naming process was done rather pragmatically and the first rounds were done on the open henc discord server without a proper quorum of the whole userbase of hicetnunc. Once a DAO is formed and implemented, it will be possible to revisit the naming of the platform via a proper DAO vote, if that is desired by the community. The process of forming a DAO is expected to take at least six months.

For more details about this process and the people that keep this platform running, read the FAQ section below, join the discord, or check out these recaps of the discussions



  1. Why do we need to pick a new name, can’t we just keep “hicetnunc”?

The open community discord server that currently runs this website decided via discord vote that a rebranding/renaming is necessary to move on.

Crzypatchwork, the creator of hicetnunc has discontinued the project and website “hicetnunc” and did not pass on the name, the admin rights and keys to the original domain (, github and smartcontracts. He also stated (via dm to people from the hicetnunc core team) that he doesn’t want the name to be used here, unfortunately no official statement regarding the name was made. While he technically doesn’t hold an official trademark on the name, he can try to claim the name and brand as his IP and/or continue his project later or in a different shape or form. Because of this, it is important to choose a new name at this point in time. Furthermore, a new name will represent a new start in terms of community governance of the new platform and development of a DAO.

So for now, we need to determine a new name for the hen instances and community platforms that we currently run. Once we can have a proper DAO formed, a name change may possibly be considered if desired by the community via quorum.

  1. What will change with the new name?

The situation for all the hicetnunc tokens will not change: they will still be visible and tradable on this platform. Also, the general website UI will stay the same for now with updates being decided collectively. The only difference will be the logo and the displayed name. The new name itself will be used for further outside communication and development; we will use it to refer to the platform(s) etc. Currently working domains (like will stay operational for now, so existing links should still work after the renaming.

  1. How did this shortlist come about?

The naming process has taken place in the new HENC discord over the past few months since the discontinuation of the original site via open discussion and discord vote. We collected name suggestions within an open google doc and voted on discord to arrive at 10 names, which we handed over to a team of branding experts and an international branding lawyer to evaluate. A lot of popular name suggestions were already in use by crypto projects so the branding team came up with variations on those names and we voted once more to arrive at these 10 options we are voting on now.

  1. Why only 10 names?

The henvote system, which this vote here relies on, currently only supports a maximum of 10 options. Thus we had to shorten the list of potential names to 10 in order to be able to vote on-chain with hen wallets.

  1. Why didn’t you wait with the naming process for a DAO to be formed to have a proper community quorum? Why did you use discord to vote for the shortlist? Why the rush?

This new name is necessary to move forward with grant applications, the formation and implementation of the DAO, and to continue work on the many moving parts that need to be put in place to strengthen the platform. The consensus in the discord was to move forward pragmatically and quickly, rather than becoming bogged down in further months of voting and discussing.

  1. What is

Henvote is an on-chain voting tool developed during the hicathon specifically for straight-forward on-chain voting by hicetnunc wallets. This tool will be used for voting purposes around this community until we have a fully formed DAO structure implemented. you can find more information on

  1. What weight does my vote have? Why can only wallets participate that were created before 16/01/2022?

For this naming vote, every wallet will have the same voting weight of 1 vote per round. The cutoff date of the day of a few days before the voting started is a straight-forward filter to prevent participants from creating new (multiple) accounts to get more voting weight.

  1. Why cant i see the result? why does the number of submitted votes not change with my vote?

if the transaction went through in your wallet, your vote is counted. Unfortunately the vote count “votes submitted:” is lagging behind in the UI, so doesn’t really represent the current number of votes. The blockchain data counts. the results will be shown after the vote is complete. the main reason for this is that while in the final result, only the elligible wallets votes will be counted (not banned on hen, created before jan16) it is possible to submit a transaction to the vote with any wallet so if results would be displayed during the vote, one could sway the shown intermediate result by creating multiple wallets (which could look like one option is far ahead even though most votes wont be counted in the end)

  1. Who is behind this platform now? whats next?

Right after the discontinuation of on November 11th, 2021, a group of people (initially mainly participants of the first “hicathon” event) joined forces to organize the future of the platform. The main discussion platform is the new “hen_community” (HENC) discord server and the community discourse forum. We are currently working on forming a DAO in order to make this platform fully decentralized.

Our main goal for now is is to keep the core values and spirit of hicetnunc alive and keeping the platform accessible to everyone.

The next step will be to take care of a decentralised fee distribution: we have an updated marketplace (swapping) smart contract that is currently audited by a 3rd party with the help of the tezos foundation.
This contract (v3) can also be used in conjunction with a multisig wallet so the contract/wallet will be controlled by multiple wallets (TBD, discussions ongoing)

besides being properly audited, our own marketplace contract would give us full control over the distribution of the fees which then can be used to keep the platform running; Currently with the v2 contract in place, we dont have control over the platform fees.

crzypatchwork (admin of the v2 contract) voiced the possibility to collaborate or even transfer the custody of the v2 contract, but only under certain conditions that doesnt fully align with the HENC communities needs and vision (this discussion on the old hicetnunc discord can be a point of reference: Discord) - currently, the general consensus seems to be for the HENC community to proceed with developing/using the v3 contract.

The discord is always open for any kind of participation, and we will continue to do our best to communicate and engage with the community on platforms other than discord.

  1. How to participate?
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  1. Who is behind this platform now?

Right after the discontinuation of on November 11th, 2021, a group of people (initially mainly participants of the first “hicathon” event) joined forces to organize the future of the platform. The main discussion platform is the new “hen_community” (HENC) discord server and the community discourse forum . We are currently working on forming a DAO in order to make this platform fully decentralized.

Our main goal for now is is to keep the core values and spirit of hicetnunc alive and keeping the platform accessible to vereyone. The next step will be to update the marketplace smart contract so that the fees can be used to keep the platform running; Currently all platform fees still go to crzypatchwork.

As mentioned the transfer of the contract custody can be done given the right setup Community governance is given by God - #8 by crzypatchwork. In case there’s a need of change in the marketplace I believe it should be part of reasonable argument.

How things were phrased can only reinforce prejudices and it doesn’t take into account what I just mentioned.

Would like to add that these are concerns on the design of the platform and it’s discourse.

i am trying my best to summarize everything without misrepresenting here, edited it a bit to account for the last discussions but it is really hard to, i have to say.

Hello everyone, I felt something was wrong with HENC website, but I never imagined the website would take ownership over all the pieces I minted and minted again after that change they made in Tezos Chain last year.
Can someone give me a little light here? How can I regain ownership of my work??
Thank you all in advance.

the site doesnt hold your pieces, only your wallet does
currently if you have swapped them, the v2 hicetnunc smartcontract still holds them, like before.
currently the only thing the HENC site “owns” is the user interface

All of the new names are hard to spell and difficult to remember. This is going the same route as the original name in terms of not being user friendly and a potential branding disaster. I understand the heritage, but if you truly wish to build a strong brand, you need to dial it down to an easy to spell and easy to remember name.

What do you think of the name Visual Dynamics? The domain would be and the sidechain cryptocurrency could be Visual Dynamics Coin (VDC). You would be a cut above the rest and tap into a passion project that was originally founded in 1998. I would like to see a passion for an awesome UI/UX experience for both creators and collectors at it’s core with an intuitive dashboard for each, along with a strong gallery showcase design. I would also like to be a co-founder.

you can set that up if you want - its open code
and we are currently trying to find ways to gather all kinds of hen versions to work together

Does the DAO ecosystem allow for co-founders and an advisory board? I highly recommend SYNQ over TEIA. From a branding and usability perspective, SYNQ is exponentially stronger and much more user friendly. Also, imagine creating niche marketplaces with a Core API. SYNQ works extremely well in terms of interoperability of not only programming and data but also possibly ultimately supporting multiple cryptocurrencies. SYNQ also works well from a creator and art perspective and offers strong marketing potential. As correctly pointed out in your PDF, SYNQ (albeit in alternative spelling) can have a strong association with “Connect”, a very powerful word in a “global” marketplace. Again, I understand the roots and heritage, but it’s extremely important to find terminology that resonates with a global audience.

If I’m being mentioned about this subject I’d like for it to be treated as I mentioned. I hold custody on the management fees of objkt swap v2 contract, this must be stated transparently as otherwise ppl can make moral judgments. Custody is a matter of research and at the current moment not having convergence with “Teia” purposes, a matter beyond me being able to argue.

I’d like to add also that recent votes seems to have a deviation in it’s purposes as it was voted a “brand change” along marketplaces contracts.

I suggest you to save the metadata of your items so you can manage them as you wish. As of at least it’s intended to make available a sign off option intending to respect each one’s right to be forgotten. This would filter superficially at least user’s traces.

I support your thinking and your plan. This is your baby.