hDAO curation/discovery

The following image represents the sorting of OBJKTs in the current system (ever evolving?). Such system intends to compose a media governance protocol. The definition of DAOs (Decentralized Autonomous Organizations) relies in multiple fallacies, in each of it’s terms. Nonetheless, being possible to orient ones action given contexts, responding to grades of autonomy, decentralization, deorganization, etc.

Currently the hDAO feed would allow curating/marking OBJKTs making them relevant as it creates significance, transmites value. The act of curation, even as a simple signalling, could establish networks between addresses, state relevance/care, being a discovery method/presentation method/algorithm made public. OBJKT creators would be allowed to claim such hDAOs composing a media economy.

hDAOs have been though as well as an alternative currency to the marketplace, for the distribution of such token, as well enabling smart contract research/deployment of FA2:FA2 swaps, or other FA2 tokens/stable coins.

The purpose of it’s governance is to research preservation methods of such media and other systems from the web3 ecosystem/mediums transmitting knowledge through them.