As the number of competitors increases, hen is stagnating

The first quarter of 2022 has passed and the progress of the hen community seems to have stalled. We are not sure how many people are on the core team and what their jobs are. We’re also not sure what the next steps are for the hen community. We’re even less clear on where the future of hen lies. Meanwhile, other NFT projects are popping up on tezos, attracting more and more users to join. But the numbers on hen are declining, NFT is evolving rapidly and hen may be behind the times if it hesitates.

It is time to openly and honestly face up to these issues and solve them. Making communities run more efficiently and in an orderly manner.

Who can answer these questions? Who can take responsibility for the community? Who can defend the interests of artists and users?

Hi Jack, it seems you have missed the fact that the H=N community has become Teia. There’s actually been quite a lot of progress: the naming process was a test case for the DAO voting system, there have been significant changes and updates in the swap contracts, and the very core idea of decentralisation is demonstrated in the fact that Teia uses a rotating logo on its platform. This also means that a ‘core’ team is fluid. There are various working groups relating to different topics, while all of this work is done on voluntary basis. If you’re interested in helping, you’re always welcome to join the Teia discord.

The core idea of decentralisation demonstrated by a rotating logo? Sorry that is absolutely ridiculous. As to the H=N community, again who are you to state that it has become Teia. I have always considered myself part of that community, including by actively contributing for some time. I don’t see myself in Teia.

Part of the problems highlighted by the OP neatly encapsulated in your response.

What are you so upset about? OP complains H=N community is stalling, and I’m simply and objectively explaining that this platform is quiet because it has moved on as Teia, where things are not stalling. There, that’s all.

@acrwrs, that is objectively misinformation and at this stage you are being dishonest. has no association nor endorse teia/objkt/along some other services, they should be treated as security exploits at a social/technical level. the community should face what its actions implies, the community is easily coopted and endorses/cooperate with industrial espionage/sabotage practices or abusing from our intelectual property. This project is open source and tends towards creative commons, nonetheless the unethical use of such elements to spread disinformation intending to form cartels is quite bizarre. they are all different marketplace contracts and there are many security implications in such dispositions. @jack_go_go_go developments will be kept discontinued due the deprecation/harassment culture of this ecosys. hicetnunc2000lab developments should follow a zero trust policy and will not respond to any dev expectations.